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Welcome to Baby Doll Nutrition.
Not just another feed program, THE BABY DOLL BEEF Program is scientifically formulated to deliver the utmost in efficient gains and the kind of lean, tender, juicy, tasty beef that packers and consumers want. 
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1. Great Products
All BABY DOLL® feed products exclusively feature SQM poly-saccharide complex organic trace minerals, high vitamin levels, and fixed formulas.

Each product is designed and tested to provide the highest level of performance at the lowest possible price.  Our goals are to lower cost of gain by improving ADG and F/G, reduce cost of medication and sickness in dairy beef and feedlot operations, and increase reproductive performance of cow-calf operations. 

2. Great Guarantee
We are so confident about the quality of our products, we back it all with an unconditional guarantee.  We guarantee nutrient levels on each of our products well beyond those required by AAFCO and state regulation.  We want you to be happy and make informed choices.  If you ever feel anything you buy from us does not perform as we promise it will, return it for an immediate, unquestioned replacement or refund.

3. Great Technical Support
We’re in the Cattle Business. We know beef.  We work with feedlots, calf, and cow-calf ranches throughout the US and Canada.  We put our expertise into information you can use -all of our customers receive a complimentary subscription to BABY DOLL® Nutrition News.  We’re here to help.  You have questions?  We have answers - just call.

4. Great Company
For nearly 15 years, the BABY DOLL program has been recognized as an outstanding livestock feeding and management program.  Not just for our products, but for our people.  We are a group of committed, hard working people, producers and dealers who care about our families and our community. 

We value relationships, not just for how they benefit our company, but for how they enrich our lives.  We want to be the best at what we do for you.

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To help farmers become more profitable, we at Baby Doll Nutrition Ltd. will develop, test and market the most advanced yet cost effective nutritional technologies for young livestock.

Formulations must focus on optimizing growth, health, carcass quality, palatability and mixability.

Formulations must always be blended to exacting specifications with high quality ingredients

Meet Drew A. Vermeire, Ph.D., PAS, Dipl. ACAN

Dr. Drew Vermeire is an internationally recognized animal nutritionist, who for over 25 years has worked closely with producers of veal, dairy beef and replacement heifer calves throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Europe and the Dominican Republic.

Dr. Vermeire currently sits
as Chairman of the
International Committee
for Veal Welfare and the
Nouriche Nutrition
Research Advisory Board. 

Dr. Vermeire received his
B.S. in Agriculture and M.S.
and Ph.D. degrees in animal nutrition from The Ohio State University.  Dr. Vermeire is one of fewer than 300 animal nutritionists worldwide to earn the status of Diplomate of the American College of Animal Nutrition. 

Dr. Vermeire consults with both corporate and producer clients including feedlots, packers, feed companies, Veal USA, insurance companies, and has testified as an expert witness in agricultural and feed related legislature hearings and legal proceedings.

Dr. Vermeire is well known for his 1980's development of "The Baby Doll Beef Feedcare System," the premier management and nutritional program for producing premium beef from Holstein steers.  
Dr. Vermeire is also President of Nouriche Nutrition Ltd., The Foremost Leading Innovator and Supplier of Premium Quality, High Performance and Most Cost Effective DISPERSIBLE Milk Replacer Premixes, Electrolytes, Feed Flavors, Nutraceuticals & Specialty Feed Supplements for Livestock & Pets
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